Wargame Rules


I am very keen to keep my wargame rules as simple as possible yet capture the character of the 1790s. Accordingly, most of the French troops are 'levee' battalions, which I have chosen to base in column as their ability to change formation on a battlefield must have been limited, nor do I believe their volley fire had any great value. Of better quality, able to change formation, will be white-coated regular and blue-coated volunteer battalions aided by a fair number of skirmishers. The British, Austrian, Dutch and German armies are often outnumbered, but they maintain the discipline and order of typical 18th century armed forces. Interestingly, French revolutionary cavalry have little in common with their later Napoleonic counterparts, the former are few in number, often poorly mounted, and no match for those in the service of the Allies.


Sunday, 1 May 2016


Having constructed my Georgian town and harbour, it was time to improve its defences. Accordingly, here is my new Martello tower. I picked up the wooden pot in a charity shop for 50p, the red rotating frame and carriage is made out of left-over plastic sprue, the barrel is a Hinchcliffe Model's 18pdr. These towers were common in the Mediterranean and they impressed the Royal Navy enough for the British Crown to start constructing the same in our colonies in 1796, and in Great Britain and Ireland from 1804. A typical garrison mustered less than thirty men. I think this model will be a useful addition to my French Revolutionary scenarios. MGB