Wargame Rules


I am very keen to keep my wargame rules as simple as possible yet capture the character of the 1790s. Accordingly, most of the French troops are 'levee' battalions, which I have chosen to base in column as their ability to change formation on a battlefield must have been limited, nor do I believe their volley fire had any great value. Of better quality, able to change formation, will be white-coated regular and blue-coated volunteer battalions aided by a fair number of skirmishers. The British, Austrian, Dutch and German armies are often outnumbered, but they maintain the discipline and order of typical 18th century armed forces. Interestingly, French revolutionary cavalry have little in common with their later Napoleonic counterparts, the former are few in number, often poorly mounted, and no match for those in the service of the Allies.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Old Royal Army have a field day c.1792

Having risked an entire battalion with paint remover, I'm pleased to report that the 8th Regiment has now received their new uniforms, colours and weaponry. Thought it was time to muster the five Line battalions, one grenadier battalion, and some depot companies of another regiment. In all, 140 whitecoats mustered for the inspection. Also attending were the infantry of the Batave Legion, and colours were duly presented.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Naval battery of 18pdrs, ready for service

Just completed a naval battery of 18pdrs. Although painted up as Royal Navy, this unit could just as well represent American, Dutch, and perhaps even French if I add a suitable commander. It could also cover both the American Revolution or the early years of the French Revolution. Most of the figures are Dixon Miniatures but other makes have been drafted. The guns are from Hinchcliffe.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wargaming the French Revolutionary Wars, another site

Just a quick mention here. Colin Ashton has a war-game website which includes some superb photos of his 28mm French Revolutionary armies, including British and Russian armies. Do have a view. I'm still trying to put a permanent link to his site but it won't upload to my sidebar, for some reason.

Saturday, 29 April 2017


Two more wagons were completed yesterday. With their loyal militia attendants, these will be attached to my British AWI troops. Another three wagons are just awaiting their drivers to be painted and they will be serving with my British FRW army. I'm rather pleased with the cart as this is my own casting using up some spare wheels. MGB

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Dutch Artillery Battery for 1793

Some time back I picked up these artillerymen roughly painted up as French. When I decided to repaint them I also felt they would look more appropriate in my Allied army, serving as Dutch. More recent acquisitions which I have just completed are the two Prussian cannon and, originally, an ACW cart which I have converted into something more 18th century, moving the axle and replacing the shafts. I think it now looks quite suitable.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

French Pontoon Wagon c.1792

This is my latest addition to my French Revolutionary army 1792-98, a pontoon wagon with several members from that corps serving as guards, and a civilian driver. Fighting in the Low Countries, this is a vital piece of ordnance. I decided to paint it in blue, appropriate to it having been previously part of the Royal army, and now serving the republican cause. The French have also gained a small cart, which is one of my own castings. (The mounted guards are Police Legion dragoons.)

Thursday, 30 March 2017

French Generals 1792-1798

Have spent some time clearing my spares box of numerous odd figures which for various reasons were unlikely to be mustered into larger units. I also had some very fine castings of French general officers which I was sure would make excellent command bases. All told, thirty-nine 18th century figures are now user-friendly for the war-games table. I'm also pleased with a decision to clear some spare French infantry by forming a 'Depot Battalion', and to use these for sentries, guards for wagons etc, so negating the need to draw from my complete battalions.