Wargame Rules


I am very keen to keep my wargame rules as simple as possible yet capture the character of the 1790s. Accordingly, most of the French troops are 'levee' battalions, which I have chosen to base in column as their ability to change formation on a battlefield must have been limited, nor do I believe their volley fire had any great value. Of better quality, able to change formation, will be white-coated regular and blue-coated volunteer battalions aided by a fair number of skirmishers. The British, Austrian, Dutch and German armies are often outnumbered, but they maintain the discipline and order of typical 18th century armed forces. Interestingly, French revolutionary cavalry have little in common with their later Napoleonic counterparts, the former are few in number, often poorly mounted, and no match for those in the service of the Allies.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bonaparte and Generals for the 1790s

Just received a package from CP Models of Leicester (tel. 0797 1185155). It comprised prominent commanders for the French Army of the 1790s. The castings portray from left to right, Kleber, DeCustine, Bonaparte, Kellerman, Desaix. They are quite a lot taller than Dixon/WF, but as they will be serving on separate command bases, this will cause no problems. I must say they are flash free and very fine. I paid by cheque and they arrived about a week later. Including postage at £3.50, these figures worked out at £10 for the set of five, but are well worth the investment. MGB


  1. Couldn't resist these, just ordered them.

    1. Dave, I like them, we have needed someone to cast these for FRW collectors for too long. I will have to find out if these characters actually served together in the 1792-1802 period, before I decide on group basings.... just to be authentic! Michael